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Road to Zion: The British Isles

Produced by: BYU Broadcasting
Media: DVD
Length: 175 minutes
Item #: KB253
Price: $19.95

Part 1
Follow along with British convert Fiona Smith as she travels throughout the British Isles learning about the rich history of the Church in her home country. Fiona starts her journey in Preston and Lancashire County, to learn about the First Apostolic mission to the British Isles. She visits historic sites all along the River Ribble valley and learns about the earliest converts. She finally ends her journey in the picturesque village of Downham.

Part 2
Fiona Smith learns about the Second Apostolic mission to Great Britain. She discovers how the British saints became the salvation of the early Church by visiting the potteries in Stoke-on-Trent, then Hill Farm where she learns about the important role the Benbow family played in early church growth, and finally ending her journey in Wales, learning about the origins of the Mormon Tabernacle Choir.

Part 3
Fiona Smith first heads north to learn about the growth of the Church in Scotland. She also learns about the mass immigration of the Saints to the United States through the docks at Liverpool, and finally moves south to London to find out how the saints built the Church in Great Britain during the 20th century.

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