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Gesture Drawing, Volume 3

Author: Ryan Woodward
Media: Paperback
Length: 211 pages
Item #: VA025
Price: $0.00

Gesture Drwaing is no longer available as a printed book. You may purchase a download from:

Gesture Drawing, Vol. 3, demonstrates a unique and creative approach to drawing the figure. This book takes the reader on a journey from a simplified academic approach to the figure and then slowly introduces creative concepts that allow for the mind to explore innumerable and imaginative variations of the human form. This book outlines specific techniques that will shed the light on the sometimes-puzzling connection between the academic figure and more contemporary methods of creative character creation.

Some of the special features included are step-by-step demonstrations, chapters on light and shadow, exaggeration, body rhythms, and costumes. There is also a section revealing the creative process of how Ryan transferred these figurative skills to a short animated film called, Thought of You (see below.) Additionally, the corners of the book include flipbook animations from some of Ryan's animated productions including his world viewed animated Google doodle for (also below.)

Ryan Woodward has been a full time faculty member in the department of Visual Arts/Animation since 2003. His professional background includes artistic contributions on Hollywood productions such as The Avengers (2012), Cowboys and Aliens, Iron Man 2, Spider-man 2&3, The Iron Giant, Space Jam and the list goes on. He has also been actively involved in short film productions, one of which includes his award winning success, Thought of You, a contemporary dance animation that has taken him all over the world.

For more information on Ryan's work, please visit:

View Thought of You:

View Google doodle:

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