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Manual-Only Hymns & Transformations Paperback $10.00
Can't use the organ pedals? Here are a few hymns adapted for playing with only the keyboard. 
Masterful Choral Conducting DVD $49.99
Masterful Choral Conducting is a new DVD series designed to expand understanding and enhance the skills of choral music conductors. Build confidence and add technical precision to your conducting through this innovative series from the choral directors of Brigham Young University. 
Michael's Superheroes Paperback $10.00
Michael's Superheroes is a childrens picture book about overcoming the fear of immunizations. 
Musical Diversity for a Complete Ballet Class CD $30.00
Musical Diversity for a Complete Ballet Class is a CD of tracks for use in the ballet technique class. 
Musical Diversity for a Complete Ballet Class Sheet Music Sheet Music $19.99
This book is a companion to the ballet technique class music CD by the same name. 
Norris's Ark CD $15.95
A collection of animal (and other) poems written for children (and adults) by the BYU Poet-in-Residence, Leslie Norris. 
Out of the Ashes: Recovering the Lost Library of Herculaneum DVD $24.95
This film tells the story of the Herculaneum papyri, a collection of 1,800 papyrus rolls burned and buried by the 79 A.D. eruption of Mount Vesuvius. Working with the National Library in Naples, Italy, Brigham Young University researchers are using space-age imaging technologies to help read the blackened scrolls. 
Percussion Techniques DVD $30.00
An introduction to playing a myriad of percussion instruments. Helpful to music educators, composers, arrangers, and percussion enthusiasts. 
Pioneers of Africa DVD $19.95
The inspiring and amazing story of African pioneers who waited for many years for church membership--their trials, faith and miracles. 
Psychological Foundations of Musical Education Paperback $25.00
English translation of Edgar Willems' original French, 4th Edition 
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