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Discussion on the Scriptures: The Old Testament DVD $23.00
A series of discussions featuring faculty from Brigham Young University's Department of Ancient Scripture sharing their insights into the Old Testament. 
Divine Comedy Rough Cut DVD $8.00
Selected comedy sketches from Divine Comedy performances in 2008-09. 
Divine Comedy, Vol 1 CD $8.00
A collection of Mormon-oriented sketches by Divine Comedy. 
Freshwater Invertebrate Identification Guide CD $0.00
The Freshwater Aquatic Invertebrate Identification Guide is an electronic key for identifying organisms in western North America, especially the intermountain west. 
Gesture Drawing, Volume 3 Paperback $0.00
Gesture Drawing, Vol. 3, demonstrates a unique and creative approach to drawing the figure. This book takes the reader on a journey from a simplified academic approach to the figure and then slowly introduces creative concepts that allow for the mind to explore innumerable and imaginative variations of the human form. 
Hymn Studies for Organists Paperback $15.95
Learning the art of hymn playing at the organ is made possible through this step-by-step by Dr. Parley L. Belnap, Emeritus Professor of Organ at Brigham Young University. 
Instrumental Rehearsal Techniques DVD $19.95
Interactive visits and analysis of techniques, strategies, and teaching styles of conductor/teachers in the public schools band and orchestra programs. 
Instruments Not Included CD $15.95
Vocal Point's debut CD that became a runaway best-seller. (CD) 
Into the Luminous Tide: Pacific Poems Paperback $24.99
In this first edition CD, award winning New Zealand poet and artist Vernice Wineera reads in a beautiful, soothing voice 55 of the 88 poems from her book Into the Luminous Tide: Pacific Poems.  
Laie: A Refuge from the Storm DVD $14.95
One hundred and fifty year anniversary video commemoration of Laie, Hawaii. 
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