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Discussion on the Scriptures: The Old Testament DVD $23.00
A series of discussions featuring faculty from Brigham Young University's Department of Ancient Scripture sharing their insights into the Old Testament. 
Divine Comedy Rough Cut DVD $8.00
Selected comedy sketches from Divine Comedy performances in 2008-09. 
Divine Comedy, Vol 1 CD $8.00
A collection of Mormon-oriented sketches by Divine Comedy. 
Freshwater Invertebrate Identification Guide CD $0.00
The Freshwater Aquatic Invertebrate Identification Guide is an electronic key for identifying organisms in western North America, especially the intermountain west. 
Hymn Studies for Organists Paperback $15.95
Learning the art of hymn playing at the organ is made possible through this step-by-step by Dr. Parley L. Belnap, Emeritus Professor of Organ at Brigham Young University. 
Instrumental Rehearsal Techniques DVD $19.95
Interactive visits and analysis of techniques, strategies, and teaching styles of conductor/teachers in the public schools band and orchestra programs. 
Instruments Not Included CD $15.95
Vocal Point's debut CD that became a runaway best-seller. (CD) 
Into the Luminous Tide: Pacific Poems Paperback $24.99
In this first edition CD, award winning New Zealand poet and artist Vernice Wineera reads in a beautiful, soothing voice 55 of the 88 poems from her book Into the Luminous Tide: Pacific Poems.  
Laie: A Refuge from the Storm DVD $14.95
One hundred and fifty year anniversary video commemoration of Laie, Hawaii. 
LDS Film Classics: Cipher in the Snow DVD $9.99
Now on DVD! Four of the BYU Film Classics: The Gift, The Emmett Smith Story, and John Baker's Last Race, plus the bonus video The Phone Call 
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