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LDS Film Classics: The Touch DVD $9.99
Five LDS classic videos on one DVD: The Touch, The Good Samaritan, Akedah, Elijah and the Widow of Zarephath andThe Sisters of Bethany. 
Living Essentials from BYU: An Introduction DVD $19.95
Living Essentials is a series dedicated to providing information to enrich and simplify life. This introductory volume portrays real-life stories of people across the United States who have successfully implemented the small and simple things--the essentials--into everyday life. 
Pioneers of Africa DVD $19.95
The inspiring and amazing story of African pioneers who waited for many years for church membership--their trials, faith and miracles. 
Road to Zion: France DVD $19.95
Aline Conti travels around France, and French speaking Belgium and Switzerland, to learn about the history of the LDS Church in France. The story begins in 1850 and continues through the present day. 
Road to Zion: Hawaii DVD $19.95
In this three-part addition to the Road to Zion series, host Shaunna Thompson continues her journey to learn about the history of the Church, this time venturing to Hawaii to discover how the Church first took hold and has grown over the years. 
Road to Zion: The British Isles DVD $19.95
Follow along with British Convert, Fiona Smith, as she travels throughout the British Isles learning about the rich history of the Church in her home country. 
Saints At War: Experiences of Latter-day Saints in World War II DVD $9.99
The Saints At War is the beginning of an effort to collect written and oral accounts of the experiences of LDS servicemen and women who served during WWI and WWII. 
The Book of Gold DVD $14.95
Original opera by composer Murray Boren and librettist Glen Nelson that tells the story of Joseph Smith, Jr. and the publication of the Book of Mormon 
The Land and the Lord CD $8.00
The Land and the Lord, provides learners with a geographic overview of the Holy Land. 
The Legacy of J. Reuben Clark DVD $14.95
A documentary on the life of President J. Reuben Clark. 
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