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Leslie Norris: Voice of the Poet

Artist: Leslie Norris
Media: CD
Length: 52:51 minutes
Item #: EN001
Price: $19.95

In this first edition CD, internationally acclaimed poet Leslie Norris reads in his rich, resonant voice 23 of his most accomplished poems. The CD booklet includes full text to the poems, Norris's notes, and a biographical sketch.

1. Autumn Elegy (1:46)
2. The Ballad Of Billy Rose (3:41)
3. More Than Half Way There (1:06)
4. Water (3:15)
5. Stones (1:36)
6. Stone And Fern (0:38)
7. Barn Owl (2:50)
8. Skulls (3:38)
9. Bridges (2:04)
10. Grooming (0:58)
11. Belonging (1:35)
12. Berries (1:15)
13. The Hawk's Eye (1:52)
14. A Dying Hawk (0:56)
15. Hudson's Geese (1:11)
16. Islands (4:22)
17. Christmas In Utah (0:44)
18. Selections From Stones Trees Water (5:12)
19. Bridal Veil Falls, Early Winter (2:36)
20. A Round Table (1:15)
21. Peaches (3:18)
22. His Father, Singing (2:36)
23. Elegy For The Men Killed At Winter Quarters (2:36)

Leslie's topics, in both his poetry and fiction, concern everyday village life, families, friendship, field and garden, wilderness, and animals and birds. He writes with great compassion and understanding, always with a wisdom and high regard for what one reviewer called "the fragility of life." Another reviewer described Leslie's style: "What he has evolved is that most difficult thing to master and obtain, a style that in its limpidity, clarity, and latent force carries the simple, the anecdotal, even the common experience and gives it an unexpected memorability." One more reviewer observed that, "He is one of the outstanding poets of his time in the beauty and evocative power of his work and enduring values, its vision of man's high potential, its love of all individuals." In his person, in his work, and in his understanding of life, Leslie has always fit in well at BYU, often serving as an example of how we should live our lives.

Leslie has received many awards and honors for his work. These include the British Arts Council Award, the Alice Hunt Bartlett Prize, Fellow of the Royal Society of Literature, Poet in Residence at Eton College (Leslie was the first poet so honored), the Cholmondely prize for Poetry (considered the most prestigious prize awarded to poets in Great Britain), the Katherine Mansfield Triennial International Award (given every three years for the best short story written in English), BYU Humanities Professor of Creative Writing, Fellow of the Welsh Academy (Leslie was the first writer to be a fellow of both the Royal Society of Literature and the Welsh Academy), and the Karl G. Maeser Distinguished Faculty Lecturer Award.

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