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Into the Luminous Tide: Pacific Poems

Author: Vernice Wineera
Media: Paperback
Length: 115 pages plus CD
Item #: EN002
Price: $24.99

In this first edition CD, award winning New Zealand poet and artist Vernice Wineera reads in a beautiful, soothing voice 55 of the 88 poems from her book Into the Luminous Tide: Pacific Poems. That book with full texts of her poetry accompanies the CD and includes a glossary of the Maori and Hawaiian words that appear in some of the poems.

Into the Luminous Tide: Pacific Poems
Read by Vernice Wineera

1. At the Sea's Edge
2. When You Live with an Ocean
3. This Island
4. Big Surf
5. Kona Wind
6. Moonlight
7. Hokulea
8. Voices on the Beach at Night
9. Luau's End
10. Stone Church, Rarotonga
11. The Boy Named Pita
12. The Farm Boy Rides a Yamaha
13. The Lesson
14. Mama-San
15. Skateboarder
16. Star Song
17. Waka Taua
18. Watching the Limu Pickers
19. Transcendental Thought
20. Heritage
21. Ao Tea Roa
22. Whaikorero
23. For Mereana a Metaphor
24. Going Home
25. Lament
26. Acculturation
27. Taken in May, 1945
28. Te Okoro
29. Homecoming
30. Grandfather's Mask
31. That Round Half-Crown
32. Blue, Her Eyes
33. Whakapapa
34. The Visit
35. Taking for Granted
36. Song from Kapiti
37. At Eight
38. The Dance
39. Journey, 1943
40. Half-Caste
41. Te Kanawa
42. Taaniko
43. Takapuwahia, Circa 1950
44. The Ureweras
45. Ships in the Night
46. Conversation Across an Ocean
47. Poet
48. The Most Honest Realist
49. To You Who Would Be Poet
50. Phoenix, of Sorts
51. Night Visitor
52. So You Leave Me Now
53. Toa Rangatira
54. Whakarewarewa
55. Tangi

Born in New Zealand to Maori and English parents, Vernice Wineera traces her heritage to the Ngati Toa and Ngati Raukawa tribes. She grew up in Takapuwahia Pa, Porirua near Wellington and was educated in Australia and New Zealand before earning her B.A. in English and Art from Brigham Young University Hawaii. She received both her M.A. and Ph.D. in American Studies from the University of Hawaii.

Her poetry has appeared in books and journals in Papua New Guinea, New Zealand, India, and the United States and has earned awards from the South Pacific Festival (Papua New Guinea) and the Center for the Study of Christian Values in Literature (Brigham Young University). She worked for the Polynesian Cultural Center (1980-92), where she served as a vice president, and for Brigham Young University Hawaii (1978-80; 1992-08), where she was editor of the BYU-Hawaii Magazine and director of the Pacific Institute. In this capacity she worked as both producer and script-writer for a ten-year series of cultural films for the government of the Kingdom of Tonga.

Vernice Wineera and her family live in Laie, Hawaii, where she is working on a series of contemporary paintings exploring Maori themes.

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