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Basic Athletic Training Taping and Wrapping

Developer: Blaine Long, PhD & Matthew Gage, PhD
Media: DVD
Item #: ES001
Price: $0.00

Basic Athletic Taping and Wrapping is now available by download only. Please visit to purchase this software.

Athletic Trainers are allied health care professionals that receive formal instruction in a variety of areas. Within these areas it is often difficult for many students to visualize the various "hands-on" requirements associated with taping or wrapping procedures. Often, high school and undergraduate students interested in Sports Medicine are given written instructions on how to correctly perform taping or wrapping techniques. Many times these students have a difficult time learning the various procedures because they are unable to visualize and recall the correct techniques. This taping and wrapping DVD facilitates "hands-on" learning and can provide the viewer with feedback both in and out of classroom. It contains: 21 taping or wrapping techniques, a brief overview of anatomy, and how the anatomy influences the techniques. The procedures included in this DVD are basic and commonly used throughout the athletic training profession. This DVD focuses on teaching the viewer the principles behind taping and wrapping instead of providing a comprehensive list of procedures. To further facilitate learning each technique was performed using multiple camera angles with audio voice-over from two Certified Athletic Trainer's (ATC's). At the completion of this DVD, students should have a greater understanding and appreciation on how to perform different taping or wrapping procedures.

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