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The 275 Million Year Story of Capitol Reef

Produced by: N/A
Media: DVD
Length: 28 minutes
Item #: GG002
Price: $14.95

Sedimentary strata, like pages in a book, can tell a story - a story that takes millions of years to write. The red rock country of Capitol Reef National Park is the centerpiece of this fascinating tale.

The video uses progressive graphics, 2D and 3D animation, and aerial photography to help the viewer read the story of ever-changing climates and geography that existed in western North America over the past 275 million years.

Plate tectonics, the unifying theory of geology, is the common thread used to relate the sedimentary rock record to the changing climatic and geographic conditions of western North America. Over time, the North American Plate moved to a variety of latitudes and interacted with other tectonic plates allowing it to experience diverse climates, environments, and topographic features. An understanding of these processes can enhance the visitor's appreciation of the desert wonderland at Capitol Reef National Park. It can also provide valuable insights into the geologic history of the Earth itself.

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