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Living Essentials from BYU: Physical Health

Produced by: Kendall Wilcox, KBYU
Media: DVD
Length: 169:08 minutes
Item #: KB229
Price: $19.95

Living Essentials is a series dedicated to providing information to enrich and simplify life. This volume explores the importance of maintaining good physical health, with practical information to help you successfully implement the small and simple things, the essentials, into your everyday life.

Physical Health: An Introduction - features three stories of how individuals and families have enriched their everyday lives through consistent focus on fitness and nutrition. Health specialists further explain the mechanics of why and how we can maintain a healthy lifestyle.

Family Fitness: explores the basic principles of fitness and why it is so crucial to overall health. An expert panel further explains how to incorporate every member of the family into physical activities regardless of circumstance, age or ability.

Nutrition: nutritionists provide practical information on how to incorporate good eating habits into everyday living. They explain how nutrition relates to overall health and dispel several widely held myths and misconceptions about diet and nutrition.

Disease Prevention: an expert panel explains the symptoms and causes of the more prevalent life-threatening diseases. The experts also outline healthy habits that minimize the likelihood of disease and promote quality living.

Chronic Illness: in addition to persistent debilitating symptoms, chronic illness brings daily lifestyle challenges. On this episode experts offer simple tools to manage the strain of chronic illness and enable you to focus on the essentials of life.

Healthy Body Weight: focuses on healthy and accurate attitudes towards diet and fitness programs, including how to make informed decisions based on individual body shape and size. Experts also dispel common misconceptions associate with weight management.

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