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Living Essentials from BYU: Social & Emotional Strength

Produced by: Kendall Wilcox, KBYU
Media: DVD
Length: 183:43 minutes
Item #: KB232
Price: $19.95

LIVING ESSENTIALS is a series dedicated to providing information to enrich and simplify life. This volume explores the balance that comes from social and emotional strength, including practical information to help you successfully implement the small and simple things, the essentials, into your everyday life.


Disk 1
SOCIAL & EMOTIONAL STRENGTH: AN INTRODUCTION features the stories of three families who have found ways to improve their social and emotional strength in spite of the immense challenges life has dealt them. Human relations specialist and counselors share expert advice on how to understand and improve one's social and emotional well being.

DEALING WITH DEPRESSION explores practical ways to cope with depression, as well as various treatment options. Experts explain how to combat stigmas and misconceptions regarding depression.

UNDERSTANDING MENTAL ILLNESS provides practical information on how to diagnose and treat the major forms of mental illness. Specialists and patients discuss ways to combat stigmas and misconceptions about mental disorders.

Disk 2
DEALING WITH ABUSE looks into the basic dynamics of both healthy and abusive relationships and discusses ways to recognize, prevent and heal from abuse.

INTERPERSONAL COMMUNICATION provides concepts and tools for effective communication when "talking it out" matters most.

GRIEF & LOSS explores the difficult process of grieving and how to best work through the pain of loss while keeping your life in balance.

DEALING WITH SUBSTANCE ABUSE outlines warning signs and the inevitable negative impacts the accompany addiction. Experts discuss treatment options, including advice for friends and family in dealing with this sensitive issue.

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