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Living Essentials from BYU: Education & Literacy

Produced by: Kendall Wilcox, KBYU
Media: DVD
Length: 170:17 minutes
Item #: KB233
Price: $19.95

LIVING ESSENTIALS is a series dedicated to providing information to enrich and simplify life. This volume explores the value of education and literacy, including practical information to help you successfully implement the small and simple things�the essentials�into your everyday life.

Disk 1
EDUCATION & LITERACY: AN INTRODUCTION follows the stories of exceptional people who discovered the value of life-long learning despite financial, time and language constraints. Experts also share advice on how to best take advantage of all educational opportunities.
HOW WE LEARN describes the various learning styles and suggests how to optimize learning based on an understanding of these styles. Experts also discuss how learning disabilities can complicate the process and suggest tools for working through those challenges.TECHNICAL & VOCATIONAL TRAINING checks in with technical education specialists about the variety of skills that are offered in a vocational education setting as well as the advantages of a technical and vocational education.

Disk 2
READING & LITERACY provides practical information on learning how to read and write, including how to overcome common barriers. Experts also offer techniques for teaching children how to read and suggest basic criteria for selecting appropriate reading material.
PREPARING FOR COLLEGE looks into preparing academically and financially for higher education, including how to effectively study and take tests.
THE IMPORTANCE OF LITERACY discusses the impact that low literacy rates have on society as well as programs targeted at improving literacy both in our homes and communities.

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