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Living Essentials from BYU: Emergency Preparedness

Produced by: Kendall Wilcox, KBYU
Media: DVD
Length: 180:48 minutes
Item #: KB234
Price: $19.95

LIVING ESSENTIALS is a series dedicated to providing information to enrich and simplify life. This volume explores the importance of being prepared for emergencies and includes practical information to help you successfully implement the small and simple things, the essentials, into your everyday life.

Disk 1
Emergency Preparation : An Introduction portrays what an LDS congregation in New York City learned after surviving the events of September 11, 2001, how a family in Maine endured a crippling ice storm in 1998 through careful preparation, and how families in Los Angeles are preparing for the next earthquake through an emergency response plan. These inspiring stories are accompanied by expert advice on how to prepare for emergencies and how to build and utilize food storage.

Canning for Keeps takes you through the basics of home canning and provides tips to simplify this rewarding and cost-effective process.

Emergency Skills explains four essential skills to help you prepare for any emergency, as well as the basics of developing an emergency plan for you and your family.

Creative Uses of Dried Foods demonstrates how to dry most food items, as well as how to make cheap, convenient mixes for things like flavored rice, potatoes au gratin, hot chocolate, and instant oatmeal from food storage items.

Disk 2
72-Hour Kits shows how to prepare a basic emergency kit for every person in your family and for every situation.

Basics of Food Storage outlines where to start with a simple and durable food storage plan. Experts also discuss creative ways to acquire supplies and where to store them around the house.

Cooking with Food Storage offers basic recipes using food storage items, as well as alternative cooking methods.

Gardening teaches the nuts and bolts of preparing soil, selecting seed, fertilizing, and choosing plant varieties to help make your garden more productive.

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