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Living Essentials from BYU: Resource Management

Produced by: Kendall Wilcox, KBYU
Media: DVD
Length: 7 hrs. 56 min.
Item #: KB235
Price: $19.95

LIVING ESSENTIALS is a series dedicated to providing information to enrich and simplify life. This volume explores the nuts and bolts of wise resource management with practical information to help you successfully implement the small and simple things--the essentials--into your everyday life.

This 3-disk volume contains the following episodes:

Disk 1
Resource Management: An Introduction
Saving Today for Tomorrow
Debt Management
Understanding Insurance
The Basics of Mortgages

Disk 2
Family Finances
Understanding Budgeting
Avoiding Financial Fraud
Estate Planning & Wills
Planning for Retirement

Disk 3
Principles of Investing
Cost of Health Care & Disability
Caring for the Elderly
The Value of Volunteerism
Smart Spending Habits

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