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Buckaroo Bard

Produced by: BYU Broadcasting
Media: VHS
Length: 57 min.
Item #: KB804
Price: $14.95
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Actor Richard Farnsworth and cowboy poet Waddie Mitchell bring back the romance of the Old West in these poetic portrayals of cowboy life.

Farnsworth sets an authentic tone as Mitchell paints a vivid picture of the world of the real cowboy. Life on the range is brought home with poems about rainy days sitting by the campfire, starlit nights dreaming of a lost sweetheart, and dusty afternoons punching cows with a horse between your knees. Hear legends of great gunfighters and the barroom antics of cowboy comrades, all with an original musical score of authentic cowboy songs. Come sit a spell with Waddie Mitchell, The Buckaroo Bard.

This award-winning production was shown on PBS nationwide.

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