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Norris's Ark

Artist: Leslie Norris
Media: CD
Length: N/A
Item #: RA002
Price: $15.95

Leslie Norris is an emeritus Jesse Knight Professor of Creative Writing at Brigham Young University. Born in Wales, he was educated at Coventry College and at the University of Southampton. He is a fellow of the Royal Society of Literature and the Welsh Academy. Norris's work has been published repeatedly in The Atlantic Monthly and The New Yorker . His poems and short stories have won international awards and been widely anthologized. His newest publication is Albert and the Angels , a Christmas story for children. He has read poetry in Westminster Abbey to honor Dylan Thomas and was on a short list of names recommended for the post of the United Kingdom's Poet Laureate. His life and works have been featured in the KBYU-TV production Crossing Borders.

Disc 1
     Tracks 1-30: Norris's Ark
     Tracks 31-42: Other poetry
Disc 2
     Track 1: Albert & the Angels
     Track 2: Albert, Lucille & the Two Williams

Leslie Norris reads poetry regularly on KBYU-FM, Brigham Young University's public radio station. This collection of poems and stories were recorded by KBYU-FM especially for this release.

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