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Instrumental Rehearsal Techniques

Developer: Don Peterson
Media: DVD
Item #: SM010
Price: $19.95

Don Peterson's new Instrumental Rehearsal Techniques multimedia project helps both prospective music educators and those working in the profession to study examples of various rehearsal techniques as they occur in actual classroom situations.

Instrumental Rehearsal Techniques allows viewers to observe live rehearsal video clips of rehearsal techniques, performed by music educators. Each educator provides a detailed explanation of the video segment and what they were trying to accomplish. Then, Peterson adds his insights to guide the viewer's observation to maximize understanding of each segment. By observing diverse teaching styles, users can then select their own rehearsal style from a broader range of techniques.

Some of the topics outlined in the project include:
   � Articulation/Style/Phrasing
   � Dynamics/Balance/Blend
   � Performer Responsibilities
   � Pulse/Tempo/Rhythm/Precision
   � Rehearsal/Class Management
   � Sight-reading
   � Technique
   � Theory/History
   � Tone Quality/Intonation

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