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Masterful Choral Conducting

Artist: Ron Staheli & Rosiland Hall, BYU Choir Directors
Media: DVD
Length: 7 set DVD
Item #: SM016
Price: $49.99

Masterful Choral Conducting is a new DVD series designed to expand understanding and enhance the skills of choral music conductors. Build confidence and add technical precision to your conducting through this innovative series from the choral directors of Brigham Young University.

Refine your conducting skills and explore new techniques through this pioneering program. Learn to manage music's smallest details--the hallmark of every brilliant choral performance.

Acquire meaningful and efficient gestures as you master each of the 18 lessons in this remarkable series. Ronald Staheli and Rosalind Hall will help you achieve the musical precision and compelling artistry that have become a choral tradition at Brigham Young University. They will give you unique, ingenious tools to successfully meet each score's demands. They will lead you through the labyrinths in which so many conductors get lost. Learn new ways to tackle breath releases, fermatas, and phrase shaping. Pick up new tools such as the fool-proof prep, lingering/accelerating travel, and the multi-purpose SuperClick. Build confidence as you master everything from legato/marcato styles to irregular and asymmetric meters.

Honed through decades of working with exceptional choirs and preparing graduate student conductors, this series follows a methodical and logical approach to choral conducting. You can progress at our own pace, stop and review, or easily skip ahead.

Drawing on the use of multiple-camera views and DVD programming technology, this ground-breaking new teaching tool allows you to learn at your own pace and through an entirely new perspective.

  • Watch simultaneous front and back over-the-shoulder views of the conductor on split screens.
  • Follow along in the score provided on-screen and in the accompanying workbook
  • Learn at your own pace. Practice along with Professors Staheli and Hall.
  • Conduct as a BYU choir sings each piece

Table of Contents

Unit 1: Essential Theory Review
     Firming Up the Foundation

Unit 2: Beat Patterns, Stroked and Clicked Icti
     Getting It Straight; To Stroke or to Click?

Unit 3: The Legato Gesture: Learning to Resist
     Abandoning the Flippant Yank

Unit 4: The Marcato Gesture
     The Supple Accent

Unit 5: The Conducting Mechanism
     Aligning the Sinew

Unit 6: The Preparatory and Final Release Gestures
     The Fool-Proof Prep; The "Right" Release

Unit 7: Breath Releases
     Is It Stop/Flick or Accelerating Travel?

Unit 8: Melding
     Timekeeper or Phrase Sculptor?

Unit 9: The SuperClick
     That Subtle But Vital Ingredient

Unit 10: Student/Teacher Demonstration
     The Basics --"Shenandoah"
      "One-on-One"--Round One

Unit 11: Subdivision
     Sweating the Small Stuff

Unit 12: Fermatas
     Head-to-Head With the Peskiest Fermatas

Unit 13: Dynamics
     The Myriad Possibilities of Size and Color

Unit 14: Cuing
     Tour Guide or Traffic Cop?

Unit 15: Shaping and Phrasing
     Music's Exquisite Life Blood

Unit 16: Student/Teacher Demonstration
     Beyond the Basic--"God So Loved the World"
     "One-on-One"-- Round Two

Unit 17: Irregular Meters
     The Dips and Dashes

Unit 18: Conclusion
     "Christ the Lord Is Risen Today": Getting It All Together . . .

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