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LDS Film Classics: Johnny Lingo

Produced by: Theater & Media Arts
Media: DVD
Length: N/A
Item #: TM026
Price: $9.99

This DVD includes the four following BYU Film Classics:

Johnny Lingo: Johnny Lingo bargains for a bride, paying an exorbitant amount and causing a sensation on the island. Being an expert trader, he knows the value of things--especially self-esteem. Unfortunately, Mahana's neighbors are not able to acknowledge her great worth until the couple returns to the island later and they see that she has blossomed into a beautiful wife.

The Mailbox: Lethe, an elderly widow, trudges out to her mailbox each day in hopes of finding a letter from her family. Unfortunately they are too wrapped up in their own lives, and the mailbox remains empty. Her neighbors try to keep her company, but are not able to take the place of her absent children. They contact her family about her loneliness and discover that a letter is finally coming, but it carries devastating news.

Uncle Ben: Despite his love for his late brother's family, Ben can't make them a priority; he is already controlled by alcohol. But when his sister-in-law passes away, Ben decides not only to fight for custody of his nephews and niece, but also to fight his addiction. This is the true story of someone who overcomes lifetime of dependency to become a parent, and receives a greater reward then he ever thought possible.

Christmas Snows, Christmas Winds: Memories of Christmas, especially those of childhood long past, can bring both joy and sorrow. Christmas Snows Christmas Winds, a half-hour drama set in a small 1930's western farming community, echoes with the excitement of anticipation, the comfort of beloved family traditions, and the years of regret for a moment of childhood cruelty. In the bittersweet memories of one man's recollections, viewers of all ages will recognize the universal need for friendship and kindness.

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