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LDS Film Classics: Cipher in the Snow

Produced by: Theater & Media Arts
Media: DVD
Length: N/A
Item #: TM027
Price: $9.99

This DVD includes the four following BYU Film Classics:

Cipher in the Snow: When a teenage boy dies unexpectedly, his math teacher is asked to notify the parents and write the obituary. Although he was the boy's favorite teacher, he hardly knew him. Shy and ostracized, the boy was considered a "cipher"--an unknown number in a class rollbook. As the teacher unravels the mystery of what led to the boy's death, he commits himself to not letting others suffer the same fate.

The Gift: A twelve-year-old boy struggles to understand why his father is so hard on him. When he realizes that his father is simply trying to teach him a strong work ethic, the boy searches for the perfect Christmas gift to give in return. Since it is the depression of the mid 1930's, money is scarce, but when he decides to get up early on Christmas morning to do the farm chores, he gives him a gift that will last a lifetime.

The Emmett Smith Story: When Emmett Smith has a brain tumor removed, he loses his equilibrium and is told he will never run again. With determination, the high school track coach is able to run 20 miles once again within a year. When Cindy Duncan becomes a student at his high school, Emmett challenges her to do the same: set a goal for leaving her wheel chair to walk to the podium to get her graduation diploma.

John Baker's Last Race: When John Baker learns he is dying of cancer, he faces a choice: to end his life, or to use his remaining time to make a difference in others' lives. He chooses to dedicate himself to his young students and his citywide girls' track team, leaving them with a legacy of love and accomplishment, and an understanding of the value of determination and a positive attitude.

The Phone Call: Have to make that phone call for a date? This hilarious look at the funny (and nerve-wracking) side of dating is a classic!

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