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Sisterz in Zion

Produced by: Melissa Puente & Erin Fox
Media: DVD
Length: 58:10 minutes
Item #: TM032
Price: $16.95

Sisterz in Zion is a documentary film that explores the experiences of a diverse group of teenage girls in New York City who converted to the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints. They live each day in the heart of Manhattan as the only Mormons in their schools and families. When their Young Women leaders decide a trip to Provo, Utah to attend an "Especially for Youth" Conference would be the perfect place for the girls to meet other kids with their same standards, the girls can't wait to go. But when the chicas arrive at Brigham Young University they feel more out of place than ever. The different music, accents, even lack of common ground prevent the girls from feeling like they belong. Was their decision to join in with this church such a good one after all? In this ground-breaking documentary, Sisterz in Zion explores questions of conversion, culture and the power of faith.
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