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Toe Fo'i Mai (To Return)

Produced by: Thomas Lefler, Theater & Media Arts
Media: DVD
Length: 29:40 min.
Item #: TM037
Price: $14.95

When Professor Ryan Woodward and animation student Jason Knapp created a short animated film based on the Samoan legend "the Turtle and the Shark," they had little idea how far their journeys of personal and cultural discovery would take them. When Ryan, who is married to a Samoan and Jason, who is half Samoan and half Caucasian, began their work on the animation, they had hopes of finding a comfortable place between the white and Polynesian cultures. Upon completion of the project, they traveled to Samoa to share the animation and work with local artists and animators. In doing so, they hoped to further deepen their understanding of the legends and artistic traditions.

While Jason was determined to reconnect with his roots and discover what it means to be a true Samoan artist, Ryan, a self-described "white boy," yearned to gain a better understanding of the culture that his children now share. In the end, both Ryan and Jason's journeys intertwine as they learn unexpected lessons that change the way they see their personal identity and heritage.

"Toe Fo'I Mai (To Return)" explores the priceless possibilities that exist when time is taken to search, discover, and ultimately, return.

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