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English Cathedrals and Monasteries through the Centuries: History, Community, Art, Arvhitecture, Worship, Music DVD $30.00
This interactive DVD traces the development of England's cathedrals and religious houses from the earliest foundations to the present day. Music, architecture, videos, a gallery of nearly 1500 images, and 120 case studies are major features.
The English Parish Church Through the Centuries: Daily Life & Spirituality, Art & Architecture, Literature & Music DVD $28.00
This DVD-ROM explores every aspect of English church and parish life from the Anglo-Saxon period to the present day. With contributions from over 225 leading experts, the images, recordings of music, and 3-D modelling, this is a multi-media feast.
Images of Salvation: The Story of the Bible through Medieval Art, 2nd ed. CD $25.00
This interactive CD-ROM from Christianity and Culture, under the general direction of Dee Dyas, introduces the modern students to ideas and figures in the Bible with wonderful explanatory texts and with medieval artistic examples from British sources.
Pilgrims & Pilgrimage: Journey, Spirituality & Daily Life through the Centuries CD $25.00
This interactive CD-ROM explores the theme of Pilgrimage through Literature, History, Art, Architecture, Maps, Social Anthropology, Classical Religion, Major World Religions, the Bible, Christian Tradition, Tourism, and accounts of pilgrims in all ages.

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