The English Parish Church Through the Centuries: Daily Life & Spirituality, Art & Architecture, Literature & Music
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Medium: DVD

Though the specific focus of this DVD-ROM is the English Parish Church, there is much to learn from this multi-media resource especially in the medieval period that would raise comparisons to Continental churches too. This DVD-ROM traces the daily life and spirituality of the English Parish Church from Anglo-Saxon times to the modern day, with insights into the art of the churches of England, such as stained glass, manuscripts, rood screens, church plate, textiles, sculpture, miscellaneous objects, jewels, and painting, extending from Roman times to today. English Heritage has produced some 3-D modelling showing the changes within a church from Anglo-Saxon days to its most modern update in the nineteenth century. There are other case studies of individual churches drawing on the expertise of the many academics and practitioners who contributed to this DVD-ROM. As usual with our Christianity & Culture multi-media products, Dee Dyas of the Christianity & Culture team at York has headed the overall production of this aid to teaching and understanding of the "world" of the English parish church. There are insights on Christianity and writers such as Chaucer, Shakespeare, Donne, Milton, Dickens, the Brontes, Wordsworth, T S Eliot, Tolkien, and D H Lawrence. Also there are practical sections on care, conservation, creative use, re-ordering, and interpretation of church buildings and their contents. Because of the larger DVD-ROM capacity, this resource also contains recordings of Anglo-Saxon, medieval, and Reformation music.

"A stupendous achievement" Professor Eamon Duffy, University of Cambridge

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