English Cathedrals and Monasteries through the Centuries: History, Community, Art, Arvhitecture, Worship, Music
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Medium: DVD

This new interactive DVD-ROM from Christianity and Culture traces the development of England's cathedrals and religious houses across the centuries, from the earliest foundations to the present day. Created as the partner to the 2010 disk "English Parish Church through the Centuries." it combines easily accessible introductions to the latest academic research on England's cathedrals and religious houses, which in turn were closely connected with those of continental Europe. It synthesizes work on the influence of these religious powerhouses on national and international history, the evolution of communities, and their roles as drivers for development in worship, music, art, and architecture with images from national and international collections. Additional features of this resource include: a much larger and more diverse selection of sample musical recordings by internationally-renowned groups, each with links to enable you to source full high-quality recordings; an architectural style-guide using 3-D modeling of the development of architecture through the centuries; a monastic gazeteer with detailed records for over 700 religious houses; video introductions to Durham Cathedral, Finchale Priory, and Deerhurst priory and church, as well as a gallery of nearly 1500 images. As if that were not enough, there are over 120 case studies, including every Anglican cathedral and a selection of Roman Catholic cathedrals, as well as in-depth studies of religious communities of every size and variation past and present.

Recorded at The Centre for the Study of Christianity and Culture, University of York, England 2014
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