Malory Aloud: A Dramatic Reading of Excerpts from Le Morte Darthur
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Track One: Uther’s love for Ygerne
TrackTwo: Knight of the Two Swords
Track Three: The Pentecostal Oath of Knighthood
Track Four: Palomides
Track Five: Guinevere and Elaine of Corbenic
Track Six: Temptation of Perceval
Track Seven: Launcelot and Elaine of Astolat
Track Eight: Knight of the Cart
Track Nine: Slander and Strife
Track Ten: Death of Arthur; Bedivere and the Sword
Track Eleven: Guenevere’s and Launcelot’s last encounter; Launcelot’s death
Track Twelve: Hector’s eulogy

Recorded at the media studio, University of Wales, Bangor, during the 20th International Arthurian Studies Congress. July 2002
Readers: Ros Allen, Karen Cherewatuk, Peter Christensen, Joyce Coleman, Mary Hamel, D. Thomas Hanks Jr., Marc Kaiser, Michael Twomey.
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