The Merchant’s Tale
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As an expression of his failed marriage to a younger wife, the Merchant tells a tale that, instead of satirizing the commoners as most fabliaux do, satirizes the noble January. But the noble January is as two-faced as his namesake, Janus. What is the eighteen-year-old May to do? Pluto may cure the blindness of the sixty-plus year old in time for him to see his wife's betrayal of him with Damyan, but Proserpyne will provide the young May with the wit to continue to confound the senex amans.

Recorded at Simon Fraser University, B.C., in association with the 6th International Congress of the New Chaucer Society, Vancouver. 1988
Readers: Emerson Brown Jr. (Merchant), Bennett J. Lamond (Chaucer), Robert Worth Frank Jr. (Host), D. Thomas Hanks Jr. ( January),Tom Burton (Placebo), Richard Firth Green ( Justinus), Paul R. Thomas (Damyan), Susan Crane (May), John Burrow (Pluto), Jane Chance (Proserpyne).
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