The Franklin’s Tale
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CD in 18 tracks digitally remastered and re-edited in 2003 by Troy Sales and Paul Thomas. George Lyman Kittredge thought that this was the tale that Chaucer chose as his answer to the so-called Marriage Debate in some of the tales of the Canterbury Tales, but we have to ask if Arveragus does not break some of the vows of his fin amor relationship with Dorigen, who outranks him? A tale emphasizing the honor of husband to wife, woman to her would-be lover, Aurelius, Aurelius to the Clerk, and round and round again. Mercy wins out in this tale. Telling the truth about love makes the difference too, though it would only take one character to change into someone insistent on the verbal contract being fulfilled in these various relationships to change this tale from romantic Breton lay to tragedy.

Recorded at the 7th International Congress of the New Chaucer Society, University of Kent at Canterbury. 1990
Readers: A. C. Spearing (Franklin), Mary-Ann Stouck (Dorigen), Tom Burton (Aurelius), William Cooper Jr. (Aurelius’s Brother), Harvey De Roo (Clerk), Paul R. Thomas (Squire), Emerson Brown Jr. (Arveragus).
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