The Nun’s Priest’s Tale
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CD version in 19 tracks digitally remastered and re-edited by Troy Sales and Paul Thomas in 2003. This production was recorded in a studio within Trinity College, Dublin, and was directed by Paul Thomas, co-director of the Chaucer Studio. Does Chauntecleer keep all of his learned reading in his head once he sees the scarlet red eyes of his favorite wife Pertelote in the early morning? Alas, no, but, just as the fox Daun Russell flatters him about his cocky singing voice by urging him to crow with his eyes closed (so the fox can capture the cock by the neck with his foxy jaws), Chauntecleer draws on the learning of his reading by flattering the fox to stand up to the pursuing chase of humans and animals alike by delivering his own heroic speech of defiance. At that moment when Daun Russell begins his speech, the cock escapes, flies into a tree, and the wheel of Fortune turns upward, just as the Knight requested when he stopped the preceding Monk's Tale. Love conquers learning, don't you know? This is Chaucer's wonderful and ironic response to his own learning over the years--perhaps the winning tale?

Recorded at the 9th International Congress of the New Chaucer Society, Trinity College, Dublin. 1994
Readers: Paul R. Thomas (Chaucer/Chauntecleer), D. Thomas Hanks Jr. (Nun’s Priest), Peter G. Beidler (Host/Daun Russell), Jane Chance (Pertelote/daughter), Mary Hamel (daughter), Beverly Kennedy (widow).
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