The Miller’s Tale
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Remastered and re-edited digitally in 14 tracks in 2003 by Troy Sales and Paul Thomas. The old Reeve pilgrim, who was trained as a carpenter, takes umbrage at this tale of an old carpenter who is cuckolded by his eighteen-year-old wife Alisoun and his renter, the clerk "hende" Nicholas. Nicholas's youthful competition for the love of the desirable Alisoun is the sexton of the parish church, the effeminate Absolon (with hair to match his Old Testament namesake, a dandy light blue coat, and highly decorated shoes). Nicholas, who is more "handy" and near at hand in this fabliau than the mooning Absolon, receives the love of Alisoun during the supposed sequel to Noe's Flood, an Oxford mystery play played out in John's cottage. The Reeve will reply to the Miller with his own tale of a cuckolded proud miller near Cambridge, similarly taken advantage of by student clerks from that "other" university, Cambridge.

Recorded at Santa Monica College in association with the 10th International Congress of the New Chaucer Society, Beverly Hills. July 1996
Readers: Alan T. Gaylord (Chaucer), Paul R. Thomas (Host), William A. Stephany (Miller), Richard Firth Green (Reeve), Tom Burton (Nicholas), Christine Herold (Alisoun), Michael A. Calabrese (Absolon), D. Thomas Hanks Jr. ( John), Nicholas R. Havely (Robin), Winthrop Wetherbee (Brother from Osney), Peter G. Beidler (Gervais).
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