Sir Thopas: Two Readings
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This CD/Download contains readings by a dramatized group of readers of this interrupted tale of the pilgrim Chaucer and a solo repeat reading by Chaucer as performed by Bennett J. Lamond. This is Chaucer's burlesque of many of the sorry street entertainments of his day, the popular romances often performed by traveling "poets." A great collection of this sort of romance is found in the Auchinleck MS in the National Library of Scotland in Edinburgh. It is just as well that the Host stopped this tale, for all listeners/readers would find that Sir Thopas has accomplished very little but thinking about becoming a great knight in his foppish clothes and his garish saffron-colored hair. The verse fairly trots along in this tale, as the readers show in this dramatized version of the tale.

Recorded at Simon Fraser University, Burnaby, B.C., in association with the 6th International Congress of the New Chaucer Society, Vancouver. July 1988
Readers: Bennett J. Lamond (Chaucer), Robert Worth Frank Jr. (Host), Richard Firth Green (Sir Thopas), Paul R. Thomas (Sir Olifaunt).
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