The Summoner’s Tale
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The object of satire in this tale of tit for tat with the Friar's Tale is another friar out gathering his offerings in East Yorkshire. The mendicant friar prides himself on being able to get a cash offering from just about anyone. However, in this particular episode, rather than receiving cash hidden in the trousers of Thomas, he is given a fart instead. Then arises the amusing scholastic dlemma of how he can equally divide the fart with all the brothers in his friary. Read and hear this tale for the exciting plan for the friars to share and share alike.

Recorded at the 7th International Congress of the New Chaucer Society, University of Kent at Canterbury. 1990
Readers: Harvey De Roo (Chaucer), Paul R. Thomas (Summoner), Tom Burton (CT Friar), Thomas Rendall (Host), Maldwyn Mills (Friar in Tale), R. A. Shoaf (Thomas), Priscilla Martin (Thomas’s Wife), Emerson Brown Jr. (Lord), Mary-Ann Stouck (Lady), Joseph Gallagher (Squire).
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