The Wife of Bath’s Prologue and Tale
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CD version in 25 tracks digitally remastered and re–edited by Troy Sales and Paul Thomas in 2003. Here Prologue and Tale join together to illustrate the "doctrine" of marriage and women who must be obeyed if all is to be peaceful in marriage. Is the Wife of Bath revealed as a feminist, an early medieval representative, or is she at heart wanting a young husband who will dominate her? Again, we may see Chaucer delighting in leaving these telling ambiguities about the relationship between woman and man for readers to argue on and on about, but the tales illustrates exactly her view that marriage can be happy if only the man will do what the woman says! Is this Chaucer's "final" answer to the Marriage Debate?

Recorded at the 9th International Congress of the New Chaucer Society, Trinity College, Dublin. 1994
Readers: Mary Hamel (Wife of Bath), D. Thomas Hanks Jr. (Pardoner/Summoner), Peter G. Beidler (Knight/Friar/Host), Paul R. Thomas (Chaucer), Beverly Kennedy (Queen), Jane Chance (Old Wife).
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