The Reeve's Tale
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Recorded at Santa Monica College's public radio station studio, KRCW, during the 10th International Congress of the New Chaucer Society held at Beverly Hills in July 1996. The later CD version of this digital audio tape recording was re-edited and remastered in 11 tracks by Troy Sales and Paul Thomas in 2006. This tale is told to quit or requite the tale just previously told by the bold and brash Robin the Miller. It features two Northern lads on scholarship who are pursuing their clerkly degree at Cambridge,hoping to keep the proud miller of Trumpington near Cambridge honest in his milling for their hall in town. Another fabliau, just a little more over the top than the preceding Miller's Tale.

Recorded at Recorded at Santa Monica College at the studio of the Public Radio station KRCW. July 1996
Readers: Alan T. Gaylord (Chaucer), Richard Firth Green (Reeve), Nicholas R. Havely (host), William A Stephany (Symkyn), Paul R. Thomas (John), Peter G. Beidler (Aleyn), Mary Hamel (Wife), and Susan F. Yager (Malyne).
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