The House of Fame
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The text used with kind permission of the editor and publisher is The House of Fame, edited by Nicholas R. Havely [Durham: Durham Medieval Texts, 1994; ISBN 0 9520078 2 7].Copies of this text are also available separately through The Chaucer Studio.see price list. Thanks to the help of a giant eagle who carries him into the far heavens in his talons, Chaucer the poet goes to that area of heaven or "house" where our verbal reputations reside, where all that is said about us in the universe converges. Also there is the whirling cage of Rumor, where those lies and exaggerations about us also end up. Chaucer can barely look down or even reply to the loquacious eagle in more than one syllable during their long-lasting flight up to The House of Fame. A delightful rendition of this early example of the genre of sci-fi directed by Nick Havely in a reading of his edition of The House of Fame.

Recorded at the Studio, University College, London in association with the 12th International Congress of the New Chaucer Society. July 2000
Readers: Ros Allen (Dido, Muses, 2nd, 4th, and 7th Company, 1st Tiding 1st Saw), Tom Burton (Heralds, Messenger, 5th, 8th, and 9th Company, 2nd Tiding, 2nd Saw), Nick Havely (Narrator, Chaucer), Derek Pearsall (Eagle), Felicity Riddy (Fame), Paul Thomas (Virgil, Boethius, Classical Authors, Eolus, 6th Company, Courtier).
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