Piers Plowman, the B-Text: The Complete Recording in Middle English
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Medium: CD

Directed by Michael Calabrese. The Chaucer Studio previously produced a tentative version as a download only of Piers Plowman, but after some new recording and extensive revision and re-editing, we now offer the entire B-text of Piers Plowman (with minor exceptions) from the revised printing of the Norton Critical Edition as edited by Stephen Shepherd and Elizabeth Robertson. We gathered a varied cast of good readers to read individual episodes, slowly and methodically, beginning at a MAP Conference in Albuquerque in February 2009 and finishing in November 2015, and when we had sufficient readers on hand, we cast various dramatic parts in the style of a play. Students and teachers can hear a dynamic series of both solo performances and dramatic readings, with A. V. C. (Carl) Schmidt, renowned editor of all versions of the poem, contributing a stunning version of the final two passus. Piers Plowman comes alive in all its sonic/metric energy and contemplative glory in this invaluable resource for all teachers and students of this text. Whether you are reading the poem for the first time or teaching it for the hundredth, the Chaucer Studio Piers Plowman recording will enhance your experience of this powerful alliterative masterpiece.

Recorded at MAP Conference, Albuquerque, NM in February 2009, at various ICMS Congresses in Kalamazoo, MI, at the Chaucer Studio recording sites in Provo, UT, Los Angeles, CA, and Oxford, UK. 2009-2015
Readers: Prologue and Passus 1, Michael Calabrese; (All following in order of appearance) Passus 2, Paul Thomas, Rosamund Allen, and Regula Meyer Evitt; Passus 3, Michael Calabrese, Regula Meyer Evitt, and Paul Thomas; Passus 4, Michael Calabrese and Dimitri Sotoriou; Passus 5, Michael Calabrese; Passus 6 and 7, Patricia Bart; Passus 8, Karen Bollerman; Passus 9, Michael Hanly; Passus 10 and 11, Scott Kleinman; Passus 12, Miceal Vaughan, Passus 13, Stephen Shepherd, Passus 14, Tim Asay, Diana Coogle, Paul Thomas, and Michael Calabrese; Passus 15, Paul Thomas and Michael Calabrese; Passus 16, Michael Hanly; Passus 17, Karen Bollerman; Passus 18, Paul Thomas; Passus 19 and 20, Carl Schmidt.
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