The Man of Law’s Tale
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The saintly Custance (Constance or the Constancy that she represents in the tale) has trouble with her mothers-in-law in this unusual tale. Almost a saint's life generically, the Man of Law's Tale sets off in a new direction than the three fabilaux in a row that ended Fragment I. The only tale in Fragment II, the Man of Law's Tale is a pious tale about conversions to Christianity that Custance brings about in the Middle East and in pagan Northern Britain, as she sails protected by the hand of God from the eastern Mediterranean to the North Sea in a rudderless boat (and then back home again to Rome). Miracles abound in this entertaining tale. A fine solo reading by the founder and founding director of The Chaucer Studio, Prof. Tom Burton of Adelaide University and also a Shropshire lad by birth.

Recorded at the University of Adelaide. 1994
Readers: Tom Burton
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