The Clerk’s Tale
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Walter's citizens appeal to their young marquis to get married. They hope his heir will be as good a ruler as he has been. Rather than searching out some high-born woman from another state or city in Italy, Walter chooses the daughter of Janicula, one of his poorest peasants. Griselda is the beautiful daughter of the peasant. On the day of Walter's marriage, Griselda is interested as are all the citizens to see who his new bride is to be, for he has not announced his intentions. Imagine her surprise and that of Janicula when Walter enters their humble cottage and asks Janicula's permission to marry his daughter that very day. When Walter asks Griselda if she will marry him, he asks if she will always obey him and do as he asks as her husband. This is perhaps some male medieval dream story, but as modern readers we may have to read below the surface or else turn Walter into some medieval monster. Read by Tom Burton, the founder of The Chaucer Studio, and produced by Paul Thomas, co-director of the Studio. Design by Carie Jackson.

Recorded at the University of Adelaide. 1994
Readers: Tom Burton
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