Troilus and Criseyde
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Music selected by Tom Chase, arranged by Kim Lantz, and played by Lesley Ann Andrews (recorders and percussion) and Kim Lantz (viola da gamba). Digitized, re-edited, and mastered in 2005. Probably Chaucer's greatest early work, this romance based on a part of the Trojan War, the love between the Trojan prince Troilus and the daughter Criseyde of the Trojan prophet-priest Calchas, who left Troy to be with the Greeks. Criseyde will leave her beloved Troilus as an exchange between a prisoner of the Greeks and her father, who wants her out of Troy, for he knows the Greeks will win the long war. Chaucer introduces the grand Diomede, a more forthright lover of Criseyde than Chaucer's Troilus, who only gets over his romance on his journey towards heaven.

Readers: Jane Camfield (Antigone/Ladies of the Town), Harvey De Roo (Calkas/Troilus), Melanie Yeats (Cassandra/Eleyne/Ladies of the Town), Mary-Ann Stouck (Criseyde), Eric Ball (Deiphebus), Tom Burton (Diomede), Ken Simpson (Ector), Thomas Rendall (Narrator), William Riley (Pandarus).
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