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Eberhard Kummer performed this epic work in Middle High German with musical accompaniment in a series of concert performances in October and November 2006 in Vienna. This recording was undertaken and sponsored by the Phonogramm-Archiv of the Austrian Academy of Sciences and was recorded before a live audience over a series of five afternoon and nights, from 4p.m. to 12 midnight. Helmut Kowar was the director of the recording project, assisted by nadja Wallaszkovits, Julia Ahamer, Johannes Spitzbart, Christian Liebl, and Alexander Füller.

Eberhard Kummer is undoubtedly a cultural treasure of the Austrian nation. Here his live performances are edited together onto two MP3 format CDs, though the original recordings were 39 hours in length.
Edited and mastered by Troy Sales at Brigham Young University.
Produced by Ulrich Müller and Paul Thomas.
Designed by Carie Jackson.
Introductory notes written by Ulrich Müller, Margarete Springeth, and Maurice Sprague (English translator).

Recorded at Vienna October/November 2006
Readers: Eberhard Kummer
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