Herzog Ernst
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Produced by Professor Ulrich Mueller of Salzburg University and Professor Paul Thomas of Brigham Young University and The Chaucer Studio. Introduced by Doctor Margarete Springeth of Salzburg University at the annual International Congress on Medieval Studies in Kalamazoo, Michigan and performed by Doctor Eberhard Kummer of Vienna, one of the great singing performers of Old and Middle High German texts, who accompanies himself on traditional medieval instruments (the Gothic harp here) while singing the text to traditional music associated with this and other romances/epic stories of the Middle High German period. David Evans of the IT Department at Western Michigan University was the cinematographer. The story of Duke Ernst or Herzog Ernst concerns one of the far-travelling heroes of the German Middle Ages. Ernst sails along now unknown tunnels on the Danube, through the mountains for a hundred miles or more, and he eventually reaches India after he returns to the sea. In India he eventually saves a princess he later marries, fighting and defeating an army of men with birdpecker heads. Like all good heroes who survive, he eventually returns home to Germany. The back cover of the DVD has a more domplete introduction to the story from Professor Mueller.

Recorded at 42nd International Congress on Medieval Studies, Western Michigan University 10 May 2008
Readers: Eberhard Kummer of Vienna
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