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The Creative Works Office (CWO) is currently organized with a director, a marketing coordinator, a part-time secretary, five student programmers, one student graphic designer and two student marketing assistants.

The current director’s responsibilities are primarily focused on advising BYU faculty on intellectual property and creative works so as to properly prepare the works for commercial use. He meets with faculty members and developers about their disclosures, and he conducts regular seminars or one-on-one meetings to educate university faculty on BYU’s new intellectual property policy. He also prepares and executes contracts and licensing agreements with the assistance of the General Counsel’s office. Lastly, he is responsible for the overall functioning, direction, budgeting, and staffing of the office.

The current marketing coordinator is responsible for the development, marketing, advertising, and overall promotion of projects that are accepted by the Director but are not licensed to companies outside the University. She assists faculty, staff, and students with the final conversion of their projects into a mass-marketable product that can be sold through the online Creative Works Catalog. Advertisement and promotion of the catalog fall under her responsibilities, as do the nuts and bolts of database development and administration. She also oversees the website programming and design that support the functioning of the catalog.

The part-time employees provide various services and forms of support to the director and the marketing coordinator. For example, the part-time student secretary assists with collection of royalties and front office administration. The two programmers develop and maintain online storefronts for specific product lines and for the general online catalog. The part-time student graphic designer assists customers in formatting and designing their products, and in helping to prepare the products for printing and production. Lastly, the three part-time student marketing assistants help to develop a marketing plan, generate potential licensee contact lists, and make initial contacts.


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