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Creative Works Project Development Flow Chart

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Project Disclosure

Projects come to our office in various states of completion. Sometimes a developer comes with just an idea. Other times they come in with a completed project on DVD ready to duplicate. Most of the time the project is in between those two points. We have found that the sooner a project is disclosed, the better.

The primary advantage to early disclosure is the experience we have in bringing products to market. We have access to or contact with resources that can aid the development of an idea or product so our developers don't need to "reinvent the wheel."
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Use of University Resources
For each disclosure, Creative Works must assess the amount of University resources used (or will be used) to develop a product. Our director, Giovanni Tata, in conjunction with the dean of the college from which the project issues, makes that decision.
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Commercial Value Assessment
When a disclosure has been submitted to the Creative Works Office, the director meets with the developer or developers and quickly tries to assess the commercial value of the disclosure. Sometimes the product may be too narrow in scope, may not fit in with any established publishers, or may have revenue possibilities that are too small to be attractive to an outside company. The director and the developers jointly decide what path the invention will follow according to the flow chart.
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Where possible, our first preference is to license the project to an off campus entity. These companies have cultivated resources, contacts and markets in particular areas which our small staff is unable to accomplish. They can further develop a product and make it available to a wider audience.
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Creative Works Distribution or Internal Production
When licensing is not possible or where there is a benefit to producing the product ourselves, Creative Works is set up to do just that. We have a general catalog from which most of our products are sold (retail as well as wholesale) and we have the capability to set up special websites for products that need them.
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Whether from licensing royalties or catalog sales, Creative Works handles the distribution of project produced funds according to the current BYU Intellectual Properties Policy.
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