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The general mission of the Creative Works Office is to commercialize creative works developed at the University.  The priorities of the office are divided into five domains.

1.  Service to individual faculty members is the primary responsibility of Creative Works.  The office provides services to relieve the faculty of the burden of being extensively involved in the business aspects of the commercialization of their creative works.  The Creative Works Office, in close collaboration with the General Counsel’s office, provides expertise in business relationships, negotiations, protection of intellectual property, agreements and contracts, entrepreneurship, and management.

2.  Liability Protection for the institution and individual faculty members is afforded through careful review of each business arrangement and agreement in consultation with the General Counsel’s office.

3.  Intellectual Property developed at BYU is protected through judicious use of copyrights and trademarks.  External legal counsel with specific expertise is often employed.

4.  The Academic Mission of BYU and of individual faculty members are encouraged by the Creative Works Office through protection of academic freedom, promotion of research sponsorship, and dissemination of research accomplishments through commercialization for the mutual benefit of the academic and public communities.

5.  Revenue generated through Creative Works is shared with the developers and is utilized within the university community to support both originating research projects and discretionary projects.

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