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Packaging Design

We have a graphic arts student on staff to assist with packaging and you are welcome to collarborate on the design. CTL (Center for Teaching and Learning) also has a staff that may assist developers with packaging design. Please note companies that license BYU projects will do their own packaging.

IMPORTANT: Please note that images and fonts used to design packaging must also have copyright clearance. Visit the Copyright Licensing website for more information. Review this article for the possible nasty consequences of ignoring these types of clearances.

All graphic materials must conform to Creative Works templates. Please email and request which templates you will need from the following list:

Entrapment: this is the graphic that slips into the front sleeve and becomes the DVD cover, front and back.
Label: The graphic used on the face of the DVD disc itself.
Insert: This is an info sheet or booklet that clips to the inside of the DVD case. Specify page count.

The following must appear on all entrapments, inserts and labels where indicated:

Disclaimer (back of entrapment, very bottom)
WARNING: The program contained on this DVD is fully protected by copyright under Title 17, U.S. Code, Public Law 97-533. It is for
noncommercial home and educational viewing and may not be duplicated, copied, broadcast or used for public performance in any
manner without written permission.

Contact information (back of entrapment, above disclaimer)
To order or for a listing of titles offered by Brigham Young University's Creative Works Catalog, visit our website at or call 1-800-962-8061.

Product number (back of entrapment or spine of entrapment)
The product number is one generated by Creative Works after receiving the Marketing Info Submission Form from the developer.

UPC Bar Code (back of entrapment)
Creative Works has been given several UPC's that we can assign to our products. This will be sent to you along with a Creative Works
product number after we receive the Marketing Info Submission Form from the developer.

Copyright (back of entrapment, label)
 Copyright symbol, Year, Copyright owner. All rights reserved.
(eg: © 2006 Brigham Young University.   All rights reserved.)

Creative Works Catalog Number (spine of entrapment)
Bottom of entrapment spine. This will be assigned after the developer submits a Marketing Info Submission Form.

Use CMYK 4 color process
Design to outside edge of white space (which will provide sufficient "bleed")
Minimum 300 dpi resolution is required
Crop marks in corners must remain a discernable, contrasting color
Submit in *.tif or *.pdf format only
Graphics must conform to these guidelines or they will need to be resubmitted
Approved, proofed and finalized graphics must be submitted at least 12 working days before product is needed.



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