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Project Info

Creative Works needs the following forms submitted for your project:

1) New Project Submission Worksheet

Why? To set up the appropriate accounting functions in our database and with Financial Services. Unless we have charge codes set up, we won't have a way to pay for sales production of the DVD. Please note: it may take up to 2 weeks to get a charge code activated with Financial Services. PLAN AHEAD!

2) Marketing Info Submission Form

Why? To enable us to assign your product catalog numbers and UPC barcodes. To populate our online catalog so that orders can be taken and processed. To set up our database to track the project. To prep our fulfillment center to sell the DVD. Pretty important stuff!

3) Copyright Clearance

Why? We do not have the legal right to sell a DVD if attached copyrights are not cleared. This clearance must be obtained from each copyright holder or their assigned agent(s). If music, images, logos, products, photos, etc are used in the film that are not original to the developer, then we require written permission to use them. Many times a fee is involved to obtain permission. Fortunately, we have a Copyright Licensing office on campus that can help with the legwork on getting these permissions. However--they cannot pay the fees. If the fee is not too high, Creative Works can charge it toward future earnings (at our discretion). Also--all model and location releases must be obtained by the developer. See our Forms page for samples that you may use.

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