Virtual Audiometer


About This Product

Please note: This software does not work on iOS version Catalina. Please do not purchase if you don't have access to a PC or a PC emulator.

The student version of Virtual Audiometer permits the student to either select from a predefined set of clinical cases or a case submitted by the instructor. The student may print or save electronically, and subsequently email, the results to the instructor. As part of the Virtual Audiometer, masking graphs are plotted and saved. Speech audiometry is included with voice response.  Virtual Audiometer is only compatible with PC's, but a Window's emulator on a Mac machine will run the program.

Because Virtual Audiometer will NOT work on Mac OS, often students would run the Virtual Audiometer Program off a flash drive on a Windows desktop at a library. To do this follow these steps.

1.     Plug flash drive into your personal computer (Mac or Windows will work) and download the zip file onto your flash drive

2.     Open "Virtual" and extract all. Click Browse and be sure to download it onto THE SAME flash drive

3.     Once it's done extracting, double click on "VirtualAudiometricSuite-" This will start an installer. Be sure to click browse again and install it onto THE SAME flash drive.

4.     Once the program is done installing, go into Virtual Audiometer, then look for a folder called "" In that folder you'll find a program called "Audiometer.exe" THAT'S THE VIRTUAL AUDIOMETER. 

5.     Remove that flash drive and go to the library or any computer that is NOT A MAC. Plug it in, go to the "Virtual Audiometer" folder, click on the "" folder within it, and double click audiometer.exe and good to go.

6.     If you have any more questions on installation feel free to email

*Note once it's downloaded you can use it anywhere (even in libraries) because all the files associated are downloaded onto the same flash drive.

**Even though Mac's can download this software, it will not work on a Mac