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About Creative Works



The goal of the Creative Works Office is to help faculty, staff and students of Brigham Young University develop, produce and license creative projects such as books, CDs, videos and art. The products that professors and students bring to us are as varied as the subjects that are studied on campus.

In this catalog you will find a wide range of educational and instructional products, especially those developed with an LDS audience in mind. Here you will find classic LDS movies such as Johnny Lingo, or Cipher in the Snow. You will also find videos on the history of Mormon pioneers in England or France, or the growth of the LDS Church among the Saints in Africa. You will also find a myriad of musical media from such award-winning artists as the BYU Men’s Chorus, jazz band Synthesis, or a capella group Vocal Point, offering musical CDs with both popular and spiritual music. We even feature BYU's comedy troupe, Divine Comedy.

Besides the products developed specifically for Latter-Day Saints, Creative Works also offers a broad selection of educational and instructional materials in a wide range of disciplines. A few of the topics you will find in our catalog include fitness, taping and wrapping athletic injuries, figure drawing, storytelling, and playing the organ.

It is our goal at Creative Works to provide materials that will foster personal, professional, and spiritual learning. Whether your goal is to develop a new hobby, provide teaching moments for a family home evening, or develop the skills needed in your field of study, we know that you will find somehting here to interest you.

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