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This page should help you navigate Creative Works Online Catalog so that you can find exactly the products you're looking for. The site uses a virtual "shopping cart" that allows you to add or remove products at any time. The site also keeps track of the products in your cart as you navigate through the catalog until you finally decide to "check out" and order them.


The search feature is located on the left, near the top of every page. Just type in the word you want to search for into the box and click on the search button or press Enter.

Searches are not case sensitive and will pull up every match in our product database. For example, a search for "under" search box will return results like Understanding Service Businesses and Jerash: A Bridge to Understanding. A search for "15.95" will return products that cost $15.95.


Creative Works has products divided into four main categories: Videos, Music, Software, and Books. To view a list of products associated with one of the categories simply click on its tab. Only 10 products will be displayed at a time. To view the next ten products in a category scroll to the bottom and click on the "Next" link. You can also view the previous ten products by clicking the "Previous" link. There are also three other options for navigation. The "First" link will bring you to the first page of search results. The "Last" link will bring you to the last page of search results. Finally, any of the numbered links will bring you to that page within the search results.

Additionally, we have recently added five subject headings to our catalog, located just beneath the main categories. They are LDS Related, Children, History, Art, and Education; clicking on one of these links will return all products that fit into that subject.

Your Cart

You can add and remove products to and from your cart at any time while you browse the online catalog. To view your cart, you can click the "Your Cart" link located near the top right-hand side of the web page. You will also be brought to your cart every time you add a product to it.

From the "Your Cart" page you can choose to "Check Out" and purchase the products in your cart. You will then need to fill in Shipping, Billing, and Payment information. While filling in the information you may notice that before you enter your credit card information you will be transferred to another website. This is for your security so your credit card information is as secure as possible. The company hosting the credit card transaction is CASHNet. They are dedicated to making your transaction secure.

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