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Archivi Reali di Ebla Digitali CD $10.00
ARED I provides a digital edition of a substantial number of texts from the Ebla Royal Archives. 
Basic Athletic Training Taping and Wrapping DVD $0.00
This DVD is an educational tool for individuals interested in learning how to tape or wrap sports related injuries. This includes but is not limited to: high school students, undergraduate students, coaches, and classroom educators. It contains a brief overview of anatomy, how the anatomy influences the various taping or wrapping techniques commonly used in an athletic training room or sports medicine facility. Each technique is demonstrated and described to the viewers by Certified Athletic Trainers (ATC's). 
Freshwater Invertebrate Identification Guide CD $0.00
The Freshwater Aquatic Invertebrate Identification Guide is an electronic key for identifying organisms in western North America, especially the intermountain west. 
Instrumental Rehearsal Techniques DVD $19.95
Interactive visits and analysis of techniques, strategies, and teaching styles of conductor/teachers in the public schools band and orchestra programs. 
Percussion Techniques DVD $30.00
An introduction to playing a myriad of percussion instruments. Helpful to music educators, composers, arrangers, and percussion enthusiasts. 
The Land and the Lord CD $8.00
The Land and the Lord, provides learners with a geographic overview of the Holy Land. 
Virtual Audiometer DVD $0.00
The Virtual Audiometer is a teaching tool that emulates a standard clinical audiometer. It permits an instructor to create clinical profiles and the student to simulate real world experiences in clinical audiological testing. 
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